Thursday, May 13, 2010

Skateboard Design

Second year graphic design students do a skateboard project for illustration class. In our first year we had a sketchbook assignment where we were supposed to plan ahead for it. This was my design involving puppets it's called "cut your strings".


Antonio said...

Hey there Colton,
Just saw some of you work.
GREAT STUFF! I am a Graphic Design and Audio Visual public school teacher down here in El Paso, Tx, Usa and was wondering if you would be interested in maybe chatting with me from time to time , maybe even skype into my classroom someday? I am trying to find young/old/ any designers/artist/ visual people to help me inspire my students. I ran into your blog because some of my students elected to choose designing graphics for a skateboard as their final project for this year. So I am trying to make it fun by getting other designers and artist to judge their final designs and it would be great to get someone from outside our little world you know? let me know
I am facebook as well if you want it contact me that way,

With thanks,

Antonio Novo

Antonio said...

Hello Colton!

Colton Balske said...

Hey Antonio,

I'd love to help out, my email is send my an email so we can talk further.

Ed McGoldrick said...

That's some awesome lookin' deck design you have there. It had the street appeal, yet there is something deep within that look. Being a skating aficionado in Colorado Springs, it made me appreciate the artistic appeal of graffiti and its culture, in addition to how it changes me from an antisocial to an outgoing type of guy being it a way to keep my family and friends close to me, even though I've been through lots of accidents and just right a month ago, losing my tooth leading me to go for implant dentistry.